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0 to 100 – Turn Your Daydreams into Your Dayjob

by Walid Halty.

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0 to 100 – Turn Your Daydreams into Your Dayjob

“When you sell a man a book, you don’t sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue – you sell him a whole new life.”

-Christopher Morley

Time changes everything. It changes people, it changes memories, it changes technologies, it changes industries. For the purpose of this book, let’s understand that time changes information. So that means what worked 20-100 years ago may not work today and may not work tomorrow. And, for that very reason this book was written. This book was written with the intention to provide success-seeking people with what is proven to work right now – not just years ago…

The CUTTING-EDGE CONTENT in this book is time-tested and up to date – as of the year 2016 – from extensive studies, interviews, books, seminars, mentorships and masterminds of the following massively successful people:

Prophet Muhammad


Benjamin Franklin

John D. Rockefeller

Henry Ford

Earl Nightingale

Napoleon Hill

Thomas Edison

Walt Disney

Charlie Munger

Warren Buffet

Sam Walton

Wallace Wattles

Albert Einstein

Bruce Lee

Jim Rohn

L.Ron Hubbard Tony Robbins

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Will Smith

Richard Branson

Jack Ma

Elon Musk

Steve Jobs

Greg Pitt

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Cuban


Sean Combs

Michael Jordan

Russell Simmons

Jim Carrey

Sylvester Stallone

Oprah Winfrey

The information in this book is a result of over 2,000 years of labor.

If you wish to emulate the success of any of these success mentors in any way, this book is for you. Upon reading this book, you will get specific straight to the point proven strategies you can apply right away to speed up your success.

About the Author:


Walid went from homeless college dropout to advising multi-billion dollar companies by the age of 21 with the straight forward techniques and philosophies in this book.


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