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50 Blues Rock Licks for the Guitar

by Andrew McCormick.

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50 Blues Rock Licks for the Guitar

Want to sound like a guitar playing GOD?! Want the short cuts to success and the best moves and licks simply GIVEN to you?! Do you want to quickly and easily master all the moves in the very BEST solos and riffs of all time?!!

In this ebook/video series, you GOT IT.

Go from zero to guitar hero with this guide. Andrew McCormick (the author) has been playing and teaching guitar for well over a decade and has played and mastered the best solos out there. Then, because he wants people just like YOU to rock just as hard, he put all the best moves in this program. Hand picked from a professional himself, the author will spoon feed you all the gold you will ever need to make people’s faces melt and jaws drop.

Sound like a professional within days.

Play like Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Angus Young, Toni Iommi, The Eagles, Aerosmith and virtually any band that puts solos in their songs!

It’s like being given the secret key to unlock your true guitar genius!


1. A program from a professional guitar player/teacher who has taken 1000’s of people to the next level.

2. 50 licks that will make you INSTANTLY sound like you’ve been playing for over a decade.

3. Secret moves and tricks that the pros use and love every day!

4. A thorough understanding and mastery of the pentatonic scale.

5. A detailed VIDEO breakdown of EVERY single lick in the book!

6. The keys to the ROCK kingdom.

This program is so awesome that it comes with a money back guarantee.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, just message the author at and you will be fully refunded NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

So stop reading this and just get it already! You have ZERO to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Get this book today and ROCK STAGES TOMORROW!


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