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A Congregation of Thieves (Legends of Ziggur’t Book 2)

by John Baichtal.

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A Congregation of Thieves (Legends of Ziggur’t Book 2)

In “The Locksmith’s Apprentice” plucky thief Rivek the Pick was forced to join the Claw Cult, a cabal of assassins targeting the elite Stone Lords of Ziggur’t, the City of Tiers. On the run after the Cult’s defeat, the Pick is forced to infiltrate the Congress of Thieves, a gathering of his fellow rogues. The Congress takes place in a dilapidated temple, hiding in plain sight as the Tier of Oak is ransacked by the authorities. As the searchers press close, the Congress nears its conclusion: a revelation that could remake the City of Five Thrones—or even prove its destruction. As the Pick lurks in the shadows, spying on the Congress, he is faced with a critical decision—to reveal himself to the thieves and risk their wrath, or wait for his opportunity to get rich—and have revenge.


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