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Afterlife in America

by Megan Moxon.

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Afterlife in America

What happens when we die?

This has been a question up for debate by scientists, religious leaders, and everyday ordinary people since the beginning of time. Do we go to heaven? Do our souls travel into a different dimension or plane of existence? Do we meet with our loved ones again? Must you live your life a certain way to avoid an eternity in hell? Do we simply rot in the ground and decay?

Only the ones who have gone before us can answer our questions about what happens in the afterlife and we’ve collected their unique stories! These near death experiences will give you a glimpse at what they have seen first hand in the afterlife.

In this book you will read a collection of 50 different stories, one from each state across the country. Each person was pronounced medically dead, but came back to tell their story. Each tale is vastly unique and different than the one before, ranging from all different religions, cultures, and walks of life.

Life is fragile and often times taken for granted but not for the few who have died and come back to share their experience. Many of those who have near death experiences bring back a newfound outlook on life. The wisdom and maturity they return with is both fascinating and inspirational. As different as these stories are from each other, one thing they can all agree on is… there is most definitely something beyond this world.

“Afterlife in America” is unlike any other book on Amazon – a book that you will read, contemplate, and reflect on long after you’ve finished reading. The stories you’ll soon read will leave those unimaginable glimpses into the meaning of life and death lingering in your mind forever.

Here are a few examples of the stories within:

• A woman has a near death experience where she is carried through the light by an angel that she discovers is her soon to be conceived daughter.

• Through meditation, a woman recalls dying in the hospital after a night of excessive drinking. During her recollection, she comes to understand how she hurt another soul in a past life and was once again making the same mistake in this life.

• Two men are involved in an accident that sends them spiraling to the afterlife together. One of them survives to share his life changing experience.


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