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Aimless Sky (The Flooded Earth Book 1)

by Nicolas Hornyak.

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Aimless Sky (The Flooded Earth Book 1)

Sky is a pilot, and a bloody good one.

It is the 26th century, and 94% of Earth is now underwater. Despite the threat of climate change and a worldwide catastrophe, humanity has survived, entering a new era of growth. With it, a penal system dependent on slavery has emerged, and pirates roam the oceanic expanse unchecked.

In this new world, Sky Ashworth dreams of taking to the skies alongside zeppelins and biplanes, until a rogue fleet strikes the capital city of Monte Rosa. In one day, the world is stunned as the enemy is driven back, and Sky is left with the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father.

As the years pass, he meets Chelsea Alawi, a royal slave, and with her help, he begins to heal. However, as Sky comes to terms with the tragedy, he learns that his father still lives, and pirates want him dead or alive. With new purpose, Sky must assemble an airship crew and prevent a ruthless pirate lord from coming to power, or else the world faces all-out war.


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