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I AM ANGEL TISH – The Power in Moving Forward

by Angelica Coleman.

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I AM ANGEL TISH – The Power in Moving Forward

This powerful handbook provides step by step guidance in helping you move forward from tough life events. Author Angel Tish professes the importance of not letting your past dictate your future. She encourages readers to stop dwelling over their past and to Keep Moving. This book gives common analogies that anyone can relate to. It was written for everyone, as anyone can gain valuable knowledge from this book alone. Do not pass on this work of art that will help you grow in every aspect of your life. Here are just a few topics discussed within the pages:
“One thing for sure and two things for certain: We Must Always Keep it Moving”
“If we don’t Keep Moving we Won’t Grow”
“Sometimes, Winning is disguised as Losing. Take the “W” and Keep it Moving!
“Time we spend regretting our past is time we can spend creating a beautiful today and future!”
“Moving and Growing is Sexy!”
“Why is moving forward is so powerful?”
“Steps to Help You Move Forward”

The author writes in the book, “It lets whatever or whomever know YOU cannot be stopped. YOU have the power to move on. It gives you a god-like oar. It opens up space for new activity in your life. It allows you to forget or forgive. You see, there are some people in life that want to see you stuck in a rut. They don’t believe that you will ever get out. And as long as you are there, they are pleased. But the moment they see your growth they are at a loss for words. They don’t know how you did it. They may even become envious. And you can just smile and refer them to this book.”

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