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For the Animals – an extreme horror

by Matt Shaw.

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Description of For the Animals – an extreme horror:

For the Animals – an extreme horror

WARNING: THIS IS AN EXTREME HORROR NOVEL. There is gore. There is bad language. There are scenes of a sexual nature. But hidden underneath it all is also a chilling story. Please do not purchase this book if you are easily shocked, disgusted or offended. This book is not for you.

Can you imagine being hung upside down? Can you imagine being shocked into paralysis? What about having your throat cut and then drowned in hot water – all the time whilst you’re conscious. It’s the stuff of nightmares but not for millions of animals each year. All of them killed in inhumane ways for their fur or their meat. Well it’s not just animals that get to experience this either. You get to as well and – because you work at one of these fur farms – you get exactly what you deserve. You get to feel what the animals feel. You get to understand the true meaning of fear and experience pain, the likes of which you’ve never experienced. This is for the animals. This is going to hurt.

From Matt Shaw – author of Sick B*stards, PORN and WHORE – comes a new tale of revenge and horror that crosses all lines… Can you handle it?


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