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by Danny Knestaut.

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How much easier everything looks when you can’t see a thing.

Ikey wanted to stay on the farm and care for the uncle who made him a master mechanic, but a lost bet with the Admiral changed everything.

Forced to accompany the Admiral to Whitby, Ikey is soon in the thick of the Admiral’s secret project–an airship like no other, one that will seal Great Britain’s victory in World War I. Trapped in a strange, new world, and apprenticed to a gruff but brilliant engineer named Cross, Ikey seeks comfort in the company of Cross’s mysterious wife, Rose. She obscures her face with a veil and keeps the house dark at all hours. Her impossibly long, beautiful fingers stop Ikey’s breath and leave him wondering about her nature.

As Ikey works to unravel Rose’s secrets, he is caught up in a web of lies and deceit that threatens the airship, his relationship with Rose, and even his very life. Challenged from all sides, Ikey must decide what he values most, and what price he will pay for love.


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