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As The Blade Cuts

by Eric Kapitan.

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Description of As The Blade Cuts:

As The Blade Cuts

From the deranged mind of Eric Kapitan (Darkness: Poems of Extreme Horror) an exercise in depraved and gore filled poetry!

From Aliens that crave human flesh, to bloodthirsty retail workers beheading soccer moms with a chainsaw! Each poem found in this collection will sure to please Horror fans and gore hounds alike!

Sex starved monsters, zombies, perverted old men, Nazi’s and vomit that become’s a monster. Just a sample of the many things found in this collection of 40 blood and fluid soaked poems! Not for the faint of heart or easily offended! Enter this world of macabre at your own risk.

Words are like the tip of a blade. They dig deep..


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