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The Beast of Boykinville Road

by David Tiefenthaler.

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The Beast of Boykinville Road

Deep in the woods, on the outskirts of the town of Boykinville, a legendary monster lurks. One eerie night during the full moon, a 12-year-old boy, Otis Kalshwonkee, nicknamed O.K., takes his dog for a walk along Boykinville Road, and he sees the silhouette of a large wolf-like creature standing on its hind legs. O.K. flees the scene because he’d rather be alive than get a good look at the beastly monster.

Was what O.K. saw The Beast of Boykinville Road, the one and only local legendary werewolf? O.K. shares the details of his Beast sighting with everyone he knows. To his surprise, nobody believes him. Only after O.K. cries werewolf does he learn that only social outcasts ever admit to seeing the Beast. How can O.K. prove to his classmates and his family that he’s telling the truth, instead of a babbling and bumbling fraud?

O.K. enlists his only two friends, Leo and Horace, to prove everyone wrong and uncover the truth about The Beast of Boykinville Road. The three 7th graders are determined to either find proof that the Beast is real, or uncover evidence that proves this local legend is all a big hoax.

First, O.K. must find the courage to brave the outdoors and search for signs of the werewolf. From interviewing gas station managers, and jumping off of high dives, to a fight in front of kindergarteners, he can’t overcome his fears. But, when their dads organize a last minute winter camping expedition to hunt down The Beast of Boykinville Road, will O.K. be brave enough to search for the truth?


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