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The Billionaire’s Madness – A Billionaire Romance (Billionaire to the Rescue Book 1)

by Thalia Frost.

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The Billionaire’s Madness – A Billionaire Romance (Billionaire to the Rescue Book 1)

Lana is in the nut house, but Reese is the billionaire psychiatrist who is so crazy about her, he will do anything to save her from herself and her tormentor…

When 28 year-old Lana Rey wakes up in a straitjacket in a strange facility, she panics. She’s been committed by her abusive husband who controls her totally financially, and since she has no other living family, he can get away with it. The dreams and goals she once had have been slowly eroded to this point, and she doesn’t recognize the woman she has become.

Her doctor, famous psychiatrist and billionaire by inheritance, Reese Mann, isn’t buying the story Lana’s husband John gave him about her commitment. As a man with his own dark past, Reese is falling in love with the mysterious, damaged beauty as he treats her. But time is running out for him to save Lana from having to return home with John and stay married to him, too, if she can’t break the hold John has on her. Can he convince Lana that he wants her just as she is, or will she believe she is too broken to be with a good man?

More steamy billionaire romances are coming your way in the series this fall and winter in Billionaire to the Rescue. Each will feature a new billionaire or one mentioned in a previous story but not featured!:

#2 The Billionaire’s Ransomed

#3 The Billionaire’s Saved

#4 The Billionaire’s Bounty


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