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A Blind Guide to Normal

by Beth Vrabel.

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A Blind Guide to Normal

Ryder Randolf can find humor in any situation—even in the fact that he is partially blind and has an artificial eye. He’s spent the past year making jokes at Addison School for the Blind, earning the respect and friendship of his classmates. Now, he’s headed off to a “normal” school for eighth grade. Ryder has gone from being a big fish in a small pond to a strange guppy in a vast ocean, and he struggles to maintain his dignity while everyone at school pities him.

Then Ryder makes an enemy in Dean Windham, the most popular guy at school. A situation between the two that could easily be overlooked is made worse by a teacher with good intentions and the fact that Ryder just can’t seem to stay away from Dean’s girlfriend, Jocelyn. To try to combat the bullying, Ryder listens to his friend Alice’s recommendation that he take up karate. While he’s pleasantly surprised to find that Jocelyn is an instructor, he’s disappointed to learn that Dean is also one.

Ryder seeks to dominate the competition in his karate tournament. But he and Dean continue to clash, resulting in Ryder’s good eye being injured. Suddenly things aren’t so funny anymore.

In this exciting sequel to A Blind Guide to Stinkville, Beth Vrabel weaves humor, sadness, and love into a story with characters that have you hooked from page one.


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