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Blind Justice

by Monique S Hall.

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Blind Justice

Blind Justice – by Monique S Hall

Everyone in the neighborhood witnessed Gerald “Pop” Williams gunned down in bright daylight by Officer Nichols- a known racist white cop. Even with all the witnesses- it seems it’s not good enough, Officers Nichols is acquitted and back on the force without and remorse or repercussion for his actions

Varsity Williams, the mother of Pop is not taking his murder lightly and vows publicly to take the law in her own hand for this horrific injustice. After Officers Nicholas is found murder- the police think they have found their suspect and they do whatever they can to get a conviction on Varsity.

Varsity needs a good lawyer, one that can either get her acquitted or prove she didn’t do it. Greater Morning Star, the church Varsity has attended all her life raised enough money to hire the best lawyer in the country.

Attorney Destiny Green and Varsity have history and it’s not a good one. But despite that history, can Destiny put asides her differences to defend Varsity and keep her from serving the rest of her life in prison? If Varsity didn’t do it, then who did? Will Destiny be able to prove that Justice is Blind?


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