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Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams

by Mary Gibson.


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Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams


Wonderful Mary Gibson drama – Matty Gilbie flees home from New York to Bermondsey, her acting dreams in tatters and her life in danger from her mobster lover.

Frank Rossi promised Matty the world. The Cockney Canary would become a world famous movie star. As his wife, she would be one half of a power couple, feted and adored by all. But the Wall Street crash puts paid to that and as Frank becomes more violent and unstable, Matty knows she must escape and so she flees at dead of night.

Once home in Bermondsey, she goes into hiding and starts desperately looking for work. But only the hated biscuit factory, Peek Frean’s, is hiring. Then, as a secret from her past comes back to hurt her, Matty learns that Frank is on the move, determined to find her and get her back.


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