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Brandon’s Artistic Passion (The Underwoods of Napa Valley Book 4)


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Brandon’s Artistic Passion (The Underwoods of Napa Valley Book 4)

Brandon Underwood is one of Napa Valley’s hottest artists who has lost his passion for painting. He finds inspiration in a brilliant ballerina, who he claims as his ideal woman. But Brandon’s heart is as complicated as his art. His failed relationships haunt him until someone reveals a family secret.

Ciara Alexander is a talented principal dancer at a small ballet company. She wants to further her ballet career, but competition is stiff, and her biological clock is ticking. After Brandon attends one of her fiery performances, he regains his passion for painting by creating a dramatic masterpiece of a ballerina wearing a red tutu with a purple feather in her hair, which he entitles—Ciara.

Now that Brandon has regained his passion for painting and found his ideal woman, will he ruin his chance for love by falling back into old habits? Time is running out for Ciara—will her professional ballet career take precedence over the man she loves?


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