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Broken Dreams (Franklin Blues Book 2)

by Elizabeth Princeton.

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Broken Dreams (Franklin Blues Book 2)

Despite a painful past filled with tragedy and heartbreak, Amy Masters picks up the pieces of her life and puts the past behind her. Moving on, she finds a new job she’s passionate about, friends she loves, and a new niece that she adores.
Lance Underwood has dedicated his life to being a small town detective. He’s loyal to a fault, and will do just about anything to help his friends. He is happy with his life, but he has one regret…a regret so deep he can’t seem to move past it.
When fate throws Lance and Amy into each other’s path, they can’t deny the all-consuming attraction between them, but nothing in life comes easy.
When women start being found, they all have one thing in common; they all resemble Amy. Lance starts a race against time to catch a monster before the one person he cares most for is taken from him.
Are they both strong enough to survive and share a long life together, or will time run out before that life can ever begin?


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