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Catch Me (The Rebel Court Book 1)

by Alianne Donnelly.

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Catch Me (The Rebel Court Book 1)

Life is good. The evil queen is dead, the war is over, and Haig is swimming in pussy. Enjoy it while it lasts, eh? At least that was the plan before Queen Snow saddled him with a mission to take out a serious threat to her rule. Easy enough, in and of itself. Trouble is, the assignment comes with a new partner: the Huntsman’s drop-dead gorgeous daughter. Aislin’s got legs for miles, an ass to bring a man to his knees, tits that just won’t quit, and a stare cold enough to freeze Haig’s balls off from twenty yards away. Worse, she’s adamant about staying on task and keeping chaste, despite the sparks that fly whenever they even brush shoulders. Silly girl. Challenge accepted…


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