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Chemtrails Weather Manipulation

by William King.

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Chemtrails Weather Manipulation

The information and images contained within this book are very disturbing, and might be too much for certain individuals to comprehend.
This book is documented proof that weather manipulation is a reality, and has been going on since the 1930’s. It was written to open your eyes to the truth about weather manipulation, as the general population deserves to know the truth about how aerosol spraying within the atmosphere, which contains chemicals and metals, affects humans, animals, and the eco-systems on this planet!
As Humanity continues with its quest for power, using weather manipulation as a weapon, it is wreaking havoc on the eco-systems on the planet, stopping “Mother Nature” from correcting the damaging effects that it has caused. Today we have finally reached a stage where 90% of the fresh water supplies, oceans, and atmosphere have been contaminated to a point of no return. On top of that the majority of animal and marine life on this planet has been decimated, and the remaining percentage will be extinct within two more decades if it isn’t stopped.
Our children’s future depends solely on those who will take a stand and fight to stop it. Otherwise weather manipulation will destroy the planet along with all the life it contains.


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