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The Chronicles of THE SOAK – 00 -00 -01

by Clark.

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The Chronicles of THE SOAK – 00 -00 -01

Jennifer, a struggling wine-shop owner, has recently received a lengthy hand-written letter from a guy she briefly dated almost fifteen years earlier. Despite having mixed emotions of the past relationship, Jennifer is genuinely moved by the letter’s heartfelt apology, transparent honesty—and most curious invitation to something he calls “The Soak.”

You know what, wait a second…

Lewis has fallen asleep on his keyboard again while working on the next Chronicle: 00:00:02. Meanwhile, Clark is thinking of calling it a day, pouring a bubbly 2005 Côte des Blancs and celebrating just surviving this whole miraculous ordeal.

But if a Chronicle synopsis is an absolute must, well, here you go.

Imagine an edgy The Chronicles of Narnia hooking up with a real-life The Shack and the two having a manuscriptus marriage.The name of their literary child would be The Chronicles of The Soak. Oh, except for one major difference: Lewis and Clark are both kinda, uh, well…


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