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Clara in the Middle (Clara Andrews Series – Book 8)

by Lacey London.

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Clara in the Middle (Clara Andrews Series – Book 8)

Clara is back in the penultimate instalment of the Clara Andrews series!

It’s been six months since Clara’s crazy mother-in-law took up residence in the Morgan’s spare bedroom and things are starting to get strained.

Between bringing booty calls back to the apartment and teaching Noah curse words, Janie’s outrageous behaviour has become worse than ever.

When she agreed to this temporary arrangement, Clara knew it was only a matter of time before there were fireworks. But with Oliver seemingly oblivious to Janie’s shocking actions, Clara feels like she has nowhere to turn.

Thankfully for Clara, she has a fluffy new puppy and a job at her friend’s lavish florist to take her mind off the problems at home.

Throwing herself into her work, Clara finds herself feeling extremely grateful for her great circle of friends, but when one of them puts her in an incredibly awkward situation she starts to feel more alone than ever.

Will Janie’s risky behaviour finally push a wedge between Clara and Oliver?

How will Clara handle things when Eve asks her for the biggest favour you could ever ask?

With Clara feeling like she is stuck in the middle of so many sticky situations, will she be able to keep everybody happy?

Join Clara and the gang as they tackle more family dramas, laugh until they cry and test their friendships to the absolute limit.

Praise for the Clara Andrews series –

“Reading the Clara books is like meeting up with old friends.”

“Once you start reading these books you just can’t stop!”

“My favourite series for a very long time.”

“I just LOVE the Clara Andrews series!”

“If you love a good rom-com, you need to read these books!”


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