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Cloak of Snow (Totem Book 3)

by Christine Rains.

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Cloak of Snow (Totem Book 3)

No one messes with Saskia Dorn’s family and gets away with it.

The same murderous shifters who had hunted her sister have stolen a magical totem pole, and the pieces are scattered across Alaska. Saskia searches the tundra for any signs of the lost totems, but instead finds Sedge, the man who broke her heart. They come to a small native village which is tormented by the Jinxioc, evil gnomes with an appetite for human flesh. As the latest reincarnation of the old Inuit Bear god, Sedge declares he will rid the people of the menace. At his side, Saskia battles to save the tribesmen. As a polar bear shifter, she has a chance to save them, but it could mean sacrificing herself.


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