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Connie (The Daughters of Allamont Hall Book 3)

by Mary Kingswood.

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Connie (The Daughters of Allamont Hall Book 3)

Mr William Allamont rules the lives of his six unmarried daughters with strict regularity. Every hour has its appointed task, every day its routine, lest the girls fall into idleness and frivolity. When he dies unexpectedly, his will includes generous dowries for the sisters, but only on condition that they marry in the proper order, the eldest first.

Connie’s older sisters have managed to find husbands, but now it’s her turn and she is not at all sure she wants to marry at all. Having only just escaped her father’s restrictive regime, she’s reluctant to surrender her freedom to another man just yet. If only she could find one who would fall so adoringly in love that he would do anything for her.

The Marquess of Carrbridge has been taken in by ambitious young ladies before, and he’s not about to fall for any more trickery to ensnare him. Nor will he be pushed into marriage by his hectoring grandmother. From now on, he’s determined to take charge of his future and do things his own way. But sometimes the best of plans can go awry.

The Daughters of Allamont Hall is a series featuring the six unmarried daughters of Mr William and Lady Sara Allamont. These are traditional Regency romances, drawing room rather than bedroom.


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