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Creating the Phrase – Lesson 4 (Level 1 Composing Music Series – Elements of Theme)

by Kevin A. Ure.

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Creating the Phrase – Lesson 4 (Level 1 Composing Music Series – Elements of Theme)

Learning how to create a coherent, purposeful, and relevant phrase places you a step ahead of most composers. Whether musical ideas come to you in a flash of inspiration or you work steadfastly on your music to carve out the perfect musical statement, learning the principles of phrase construction gives you the insight needed to create cohesive, striking, and artistic works.

The Phrase

Building the Smallest Structural Unit in a Composition

Next to the motive, the phrase is the second smallest element in a musical work. Learn how you can use phrases to create compelling and expertly crafted musical works. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to compose functional musical phrases designed to actively support the enveloping form of a composition. Develop the discernment to implement the phrase in a practical manner and start creating more profound, powerful, and well-formed phrases in your compositions immediately. Peruse and master comprehensive information that details the phrase as it pertains to composers.

The Music Composition Series

Proceed deliberately through professional-level music composition lessons

The Music Composition Lesson Series is devised to equip composers with an exhaustive sequence examining the keystones of music composition. The series addresses the following seven cornerstones of music composition:

  • Theme
  • Form
  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Instrumentation
  • Orchestration
  • Coherence and Comprehensibility

An expository introductory lesson is also available for you to evaluate the teaching methodology of the course and determine if the series will suit your needs.

Instead of compiling all of the lessons into a single book, this course lets composers pick and choose the concepts they wish to study. The recommended course of action is to start with the first lesson and proceed in a progressive fashion through the course, thereby ensuring you’re not missing any crucial concepts.


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