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Crossroads (A Piccadilly Publishing Western Book 8)

by Logan Winters.

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Crossroads (A Piccadilly Publishing Western Book 8)

When a wealthy rancher mistakes K. John Landis and a cantankerous ex-saloon girl for an honorable couple and offers them the opportunity to make some much-needed money, the pair jump at the chance.
Now, in charge of the rancher’s flighty daughter and playing the role of doting husband, Landis is dragged down into the violent underworld of Crossroads. He had feared leaving town without a nickel in his jeans, now he fears he might never leave again.


Owen G. Irons is a pseudonym of Paul Lederer, a prolific wordsmith whose stand-along westerns can also be found under the names Logan Winters and C. J. Sommers. Paul is a native of San Diego, California, and attended San Diego State University before serving for four years in an Air Force Intelligence arm. He has traveled widely through the US and Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
An enormously gifted writer, his work as also appeared under such names as Paul Ledd (the SHELTER series) and Warren T Longtree (the RUFF JUSTICE series). Under his own name he wrote the bestselling INDIAN HERITAGE series.


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