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Curve Drill – Heroes out of Uniform

by Christa Wick.

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Curve Drill – Heroes out of Uniform

Hard, Hot and Sweet — Heroes out of Uniform are all that and more

Teague Allen is a former Spec Ops soldier who has recently returned home to L.A. and gets conned by a buddy to fill in as a fitness instructor.

Charlie is the plus-size beauty who won’t give him the time of day, let alone her phone number, especially after Teague has the audacity to tuck his number and address in the band of her workout pants like she’s some kind of stripper!

So what if she fantasizes about him for a week straight and checks him out online, going so far as to look at the county property records for the address he gave her.

It’s not like she’s ever going to his house.

Unless, of course, she finds herself stranded on a nearby street on a hot summer afternoon.

But that totally doesn’t mean she’s going to act on those dirty fantasies.



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Heroes out of Uniform are standalone shorts, novellas and novels featuring men with military backgrounds. What sets these titles apart from other stories I have with soldiers and sailors is the SWEETNESS factor. These men are protective and fierce, but they aren’t into being an alphahole. Check out Dirty Sweet Curves, Curve Major and Curvy When Wet for more Heroes out of Uniform hotness at


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