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Danny and Mickey, Ordinary Heroes

by Robert McLaughlin.

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Danny and Mickey, Ordinary Heroes

Danny and Mickey is the remarkable story of the life-long friendship of Danny Murtaugh, Manager of the 1960 and 1971 World Series Champions, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Mickey Vernon, seven-time AL American League All Star first baseman, and American League AL batting champion in 1946 and 1953. Danny and Mickey were boys when they met in 1927 playing sandlot baseball in a gritty part of a blue-collar city just outside Philadelphia. Their shared passion for the game of baseball draws them together as friends, teammates, rivals, and finally as, champions. It is also a story of America throughout the first half of the twentieth century. Set amidst one of the most turbulent times in American and world history, the boys struggle for their dreams like so many other ordinary Americans. They overcome obstacles and adversities to fulfill their boyhood promise to each other, and finally reach achieve together, side by side, their childhood dream to and become champions at the top of the baseball world. one as manager, and the other as coach of the 1960 MLB World Series Champions, the Pittsburgh Pirates. It is the story of the powerful partnership of the American spirit and the American dream. Their story shows us the best of what we can all be, Ordinary Heroes.


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