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Deadman’s Tome Horrgasm

by Ken Goldman.

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Deadman’s Tome Horrgasm

Featuring eight titillating tales, this anthology delivers a chilling blend of provocative horror. THE WOMAN IN RED opens with a lusting and blood thirsty couple hell bent to outshine Jack the Ripper. Take a bizarre road trip delivering body parts with a hot blonde with a twisted past in HEAD TRIP. DOSE goes through hookers and drugs faster than Charlie Sheen, explores the S&M scene, while delivering a haunting climax. SEX TOY plays with an odd, foreign and blasphemous sex curio that takes a couple’s love life to a whole new level. TOUCH ME, I’M SICK warns of a grave consequence no lustful adulterer would ever want to pay. THE VAMPIRE NYMPH wraps up the anthology with sizzling vampire sex served with a cold dish of irony. The anthology concludes with TURBO SLUT: EAT MORE PUSSY and EAT SHIT AND DIE – two ultra-violent, hyper-sexualized, and brutally offensive and unapologetic cyberpunk episodes of SexBots gone psycho!

Warning to the perverts (don’t feel ashamed), while the stories featured have adult themes and erotic moments, they’re not erotica. The stories will help you achieve HORRGASM, though!


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