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Death Can Wait

by Evan Bond.

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Description of Death Can Wait:

Death Can Wait

A vacation to Brazil is everything Renee Walker thought it would be. Her and her husband, Luke, have an amazing time. Things get better when their friends invite them on their yacht for the return trip to the states. Luke and Renee relax as they make the slow, but wonderful journey home.

They are all unprepared when a storm rips apart the yacht. During the mayhem, Luke and Renee are thrust overboard. Miraculously unharmed, they wash up on a deserted island. They work together to survive, scavenging for food and building shelter. Before too long, they realize the island is far from deserted. The inhabitants are blood thirsty men who will stop at nothing to protect their island and take a particular interest in Renee. For the first time in their lives, Luke and Renee are forced to survive.


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