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Devil’s Night – Book Two of the Paladin Sequence

by Lance Tuck.

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Devil’s Night – Book Two of the Paladin Sequence

Devil’s Night takes us into a mystery from Gerald Ironblood’s past. One of his mentors has made a deathbed request, swearing Gerald to secrecy about a scandal that racked the church fifty years ago. It is not over yet. Leaving Matthew in St. Louis, Gerald travels to Detroit, joining forces with a dying priest, a discredited Fire Chief, and a pair of warrior nuns to try to stop the past from claiming more lives in the future. But all is not as it seems.

As the gathered players put together what led up to the tragedies of St. John’s Orphanage in 1953, Paladin disobeys his master, following Ironblood to Detroit in an attempt to save him from an Infernal trap. The past and the present spiral together as the players unravel what happened so long ago, leading to a climactic confrontation with the demon Xaphan, on Devil’s Night!


The Paladin Sequence is an introduction to a world on the brink of apocalypse. Told through the eyes of Matthew Paladin, an exorcist who knows all too well what it means to be a thrall to an infernal force, the Paladin Sequence is a retrospective account of the events that have led Matthew to the end of what seems to be mankind’s best hope for salvation. As his allies fall around him, he remembers what brought them together to do battle with forces that were ancient when man first walked the earth. Through a series of flashbacks, we meet the people that are trapped in a web of prophecy written in the religious scriptures of the world, all bound by the presences of two key players: Paladin and Azrael.


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