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Eight Months in Lecce

by Carol Forster.

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Eight Months in Lecce

Carol Forster is a ‘Lancaster Guardian’ columnist and writer mainly penning on the topic of travel with a humorous bent. Her book – ‘Eight Months in Lecce’ – is essentially a blend of fact and fiction which centres around the eight month period she spent in the Salento town of Lecce, Italy, as an English teacher, in the form of memoirs. It is mainly humorous though has its darker moments. Written as a journal, it focuses on personal impressions of the place, experiences and the people she encounters, whilst reflecting on her inner psychological states and feelings. She also writes from the perspective of someone who has lived in Italy before and is returning after quite some time, having lived in Puglia 25 years earlier. The book contains moments of pure joy, expressing the contentment felt at returning again to Italy after a long time away, and alludes to both the glamour and the darker elements of the country alongside the differences between her own culture and the place she find herself in. Humour plays a big part, and is typically expressed through some of the characters included in the book, though also in the practical difficulties faced there. In fact, it has echoes of Bridget Jones at times, in her more hapless moments. There is also pathos, as she refers to serious issues and personal sorrows, such as bereavement, when she conveys a real longing for a return to childhood. Time is a big theme in the form of nostalgic reflections. Most of these memories are from childhood or young adulthood, and are triggered in some way by moments Iived in Lecce. These memories are often time markers, referring to particular eras. However she doesn’t see precision to be important, but more seeks to create a free floating link between past and present. Many of the specifics of experiences described are embellished or fictional, but there is an underlying truth to events and happenings. Moments in the book include reflections on the poor street vendors for whom she feels empathy; awkward situations; beautiful places; delicious foods and daily problems. It combines nearly every mood from ecstatic to depressed; in essence the sum of all human emotions.


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