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The Eye of the Panther – Book One

by Cicely Rue.

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The Eye of the Panther – Book One

“The only thing a man can give up for his freedom, equality and justice is his right to it” – Amare Kent

Greetings from The Eye of the Panther…

Who are we? Well, let us tell you who we aren’t. We are NOT a peaceful organization. We are here to protect and uplift the African American community and we will do so until our last man is standing. Now that we have your attention, meet the key players…

Amare, a multi-millionaire with a childhood that still haunts him. Nadia, An ex-military with a violent past set on vengeance. Sireen, A free spirit ex con with a new found purpose. Elysian, a young genius who’s no longer expecting The American Dream.

Can these four come together to form the most violent revolutionary group in the history of America, or will their different philosophies defeat them before the revolution even begins?


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