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Fail to Trust – Spin-off to Trust Game

by Scarlet Wolfe.

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Fail to Trust – Spin-off to Trust Game

In the spin-off to the steamy novel Trust Game, Travis and Becca are excited about moving in together. Their plans are derailed by Becca’s parents when they gift her a two month trip to Europe.

Travis and Becca don’t see eye to eye on accepting the gift, and in one heated argument, their newly found relationship comes to a screeching halt.

Becca’s trip is cut short when tragedy consumes her in an unimaginable way. Travis hears the news, and self-loathing spirals him out of control.

While he’s clawing his way to recovery, a man in the public spotlight is busy pursuing Becca. Travis must decide if he’ll allow this man to save Becca from her pain or prove he’s just as worthy of her love, even if it thrusts them into the media spotlight.

Will this couple fight for the future they once dreamed of, or are their personal demons too much for them to overcome together? The twists and turns will have you wondering at every breath until you reach the much anticipated conclusion.


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