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Fated Souls (The Fated Saga Book 1)

by Sariah Skye.

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Fated Souls (The Fated Saga Book 1)

Tormented and ridiculed she flees to where nobody knows her secret…

Leorah James is a geek who works as a barista, drives a beat up car and lives in a small apartment with no one but her cat for company. She blends in and she likes it that way. But when a cute stranger sees through Leorah’s facade she finds her carefully constructed life ripped out from under her feet. Leorah is plunged back into a world of dragon shifters, magic and mayhem. As a suffocating darkness winds its way between the realms, Leorah and her unexpected allies must untangle a web of lies to unleash the power that Leorah is convinced she doesn’t possess. Can Leorah find her magic and protect those she loves?

Nobody can outrun their destiny.


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