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Feasibility Study – Poultry Processing Plant

by A and A Associates.

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Feasibility Study – Poultry Processing Plant

This document is a market and financial feasibility study for setting up a “Poultry Processing Plant” with a processing capacity of 3000 birds per hour (bph) in Pakistan. It covers aspects that one should consider while making decision for setting up the said plant. The information and data contained herein is based on primary and secondary research undertaken for the specific purpose to help people appraising the prospective project.

The study starts with an overview of Pakistan’s economy which gives an idea of market potential, demand etc. and then global poultry market that gives indications of export potential. the Pakistan poultry market is given in detail then with information about major players in industry and its competitiveness.

Poultry processing process is described in detail which forms the basis of the financial aspect of this study as it shows the flow of activities carried out in plant i.e. from arrival of live birds to packaging of final product and finally dispatch for sale. This gives an idea of how much of chicken meat is available for sale in a live bird after loss of weight in form of blood and giblets. From the process study, the machinery requirements and land and building requirements can be ascertained. This helps in estimating initial capital requirements of the project.

The marketing strategies are also discussed in detail which is based on famous 4P’s model. Further, regulatory and certification requirements focusing on middle east region of world are mentioned.

In the last part, based on all the research conducted, the results are portrayed by assigning financial figures and presenting ten (10) years balance sheet, profit & loss account and cash flow statement of the project.


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