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Gas Punk Chaos 2

by Johnny B. Wilson.

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Description of Gas Punk Chaos 2:

Gas Punk Chaos 2

Outer Space is a Dangerous Place – Bring a Gun!

In the second book of this bounty hunter space adventure, it’s been 24 hours since civil war shook the Earth. With a new solar shield protecting the planet, father-and-son team Samson and Edge are after the largest bounty in history. Raven, Samson’s absentee daughter, follows, but her own family may be her largest obstacle.

Fresh out of retirement, assassin Magda darts across the solar system in pursuit of her daughter. The killer’s android partner, Arthur, sets out for revenge on the corporation that held him captive, only to find that the man he is determined to kill may be more like Arthur than the robot realized.

His search for answers leads him to Moon City, where Callen continues his revolution with a ship full of explosives and a belt full of bullets. Can Arthur stop him before he destroys the city?


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