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So Glad They Told Me – Women Get Real About Motherhood

by Jessica Smock.

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So Glad They Told Me – Women Get Real About Motherhood

In the increasingly competitive culture of modern motherhood, parenting advice can often be judgmental, unrealistic, or smug. Or sometimes, there isn’t anyone there to offer advice or support. Mothers may be feel isolated and lack a support network to provide honest advice, and others may face a barrage of unwarranted, unhelpful tips or warnings.

This collection of essays from 60 mothers will empower and unite parents with real, honest advice from women who have been there. These writers share the advice or support they received—or wish they had—on everything from pregnancy to surviving the first year to parenting teens to empty nest syndrome. Inspired by the viral essay and #SoGladTheyToldMe social media movement, this book aims to change conversations about motherhood by presenting a broader, more realistic, and more balanced image of motherhood so that women will feel less inadequate, adversarial, and isolated. So Glad They Told Me is filled with compassionate, honest advice, and the poignant, painful, and sometimes hilarious truths you wish your best girlfriends had told you about motherhood.

The personal essays in So Glad They Told Me offer hope, humor, and truth about parenting at all phases—from pregnancy, infancy, toddlerhood, all the way up through empty nest parenting, including topics such as special needs diagnoses, pregnancy loss, surviving colic, parenting a transgender child, and balancing work and family. I’m so glad they told me, and you will be too. –Ann Imig, Founder, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER

So Glad They Told Me is a must read for any mother, new or not-so new. With beautiful, funny, smart essays, this is a treasure full of voice, guidance, and best of all, quiet support for all of us. Because despite all of the love that goes into it, what mother hasn’t felt alone in the midst of the wonders of this role? The more voices of support for one another, the better. –Amy Joyce, editor, The Washington Post’s On Parenting

Sadly, “they” didn’t tell me much about motherhood and I was left to flounder around on my own. I’m quite sure if I’d had this book, my early years as a mom would have been far more pleasant and far less filled with angst! – Jill Smokler, Founder and President, Scary Mommy

Motherhood is damn hard; of that there is little doubt. The few things that can make it easier often feel so elusive–several good nights of sleep, or perhaps a few days relaxing on the beach while the children are being cared for by a nanny, just far away enough so as not to disrupt your respite but still close enough so you can be assured of their safety. Short of the sleep or beach fantasies, though, the one reality that can ease the struggle of child-rearing is knowing that you are not alone. The authors of “So Glad They Told Me” share their stories with honesty, bravery, and a sweetness that left me feeling as though I was having coffee with a dear friend who truly understands that sometimes we just need to know that, as author Mandy Hitchcock reminds us, “this path is not uncharted.” – Carla Naumburg, PhD, author of Ready, Set, Breathe: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children for Fewer Meltdowns and a More Peaceful Family (New Harbinger, 2015)


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