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Grand Amazon (Tomes of the Dead – The Schneider Wrack Chronicles Book 2)

by Nate Crowley.

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Grand Amazon (Tomes of the Dead – The Schneider Wrack Chronicles Book 2)

What do you live for if you’re dead?

For Schneider Wrack, a rebel made into a monster, it’s freedom, and the chance of understanding who he once was. For Mouana, an executed soldier made into a slave, it’s justice. A world-shaking revolt has given them charge of the titanic whaling ship that was their prison, and now it’s steaming towards the city that killed them.

Mouana wants more than revenge – she’s out to destroy the grim technology that enslaved her and thousands of her comrades. But it’s a lot harder to kill an idea than a person, and this idea has deep roots.

It’ll bring them into conflict with terrifying powers, test the limits of their failing bodies, and take them far from the worlds of their birth, to the measureless wilderness known only as Grand Amazon.

It’s a jungle out there.

“Gory, Gross, Glorious.”

– Cassandra Khaw on The Sea Hates A Coward


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