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Grim Rites (The Shadow Sorceress Book 3)

by Bilinda Sheehan.

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Grim Rites (The Shadow Sorceress Book 3)

Suspended from the Elite for committing a murder she can’t remember, Amber Morgan finds herself at risk of being exposed as a Sorceress. The only person she can trust is Nic, but whenever she gets too close to him, she risks being exposed in other ways.

With demonic attacks occurring across the city and the body of a witch hunter turning up in an alley, Amber takes on a new case which means fighting personal demons as well as the ones that want to eat her heart and wear her skin like a cheap suit.

When the witch hunter case gets too hot, Amber is forced to walk the line between Heaven and Hell, risking her life and soul in the process.

Honestly, who does a girl have to kill to stay alive around here?


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