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HASTA BRATA – Leadership Book of Ancient Java (Indonesian Wisdom Series 2)

by Ahmad Dzikran.

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HASTA BRATA – Leadership Book of Ancient Java (Indonesian Wisdom Series 2)

Javaneses classic wisdom teachings about leadership based on cosmic consciousness

that every celestials and nature things contains valuable leadership lessons, such as

the sun, stars, earth, wind, sea, fire and many more.

Those nature elements symbolize noble characters that should be imitated by all leaders in this world. For example, Star (Kartika) is a symbol of calmness, commitment, and consistency.

Kartika means star; even though at night the stars in the sky seem very small, in reality their actual size is many times bigger than what we can perceive with our eyes when looking at it from the earth. So we should not so easily be mislead by what our eyes are trying to make us believe. Likewise, a leader should not feel intimidated by the first impression he gets. Although he may be aware of his own deficits or incapabilities, yet he should always firmly believe in himself. This optimistic attitude will enable him to overcome any obstacle he faces in life.

Thus, the Asta Brata teaching tells Man how to cultivate cosmic awareness. In this way, then, the entire universe and everything that resides within it, will become useful means for contemplation of one’s earthly existence. Then the higher meaning and purpose of life will become evident to him, which ultimately will lead him to the realization of liberation (Sanskrit: moksa).

This title is 2nd part of Indonesian Wisdom Series. The first part titled : The Wisdom of Java – 12 Pillars of Wisdom in Javanese Life (click here :


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