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Haunting of Ravenmoor House – A Historical Gothic Mystery (Dartmoor Gothics Book 1)

by Lisa Greer.

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Haunting of Ravenmoor House – A Historical Gothic Mystery (Dartmoor Gothics Book 1)

Elinor Campbell comes to Ravenmoor House a poor governess, relying on charity, but Lord Ravenmoor wants her hand in marriage…

When she awakens in the arms of a stranger in Dartmoor, Elinor Campbell is afraid, but to a young woman from the bustling streets of London, the sinister Ravenmoor estate and the lonely moors are even more menacing than the enigmatic man who has taken her in…and who presses her for her hand in marriage.

Due to the death of her parents, impoverished 19 year-old Elinor Campbell has been taken in by relatives she has never met at Ravenmoor House. Emory Fallon, the Lord of Ravenmoor and owner of a local tin mine is a troubled recluse, haunted by ghosts no one else can see. He and his brothers take Elinor in as governess to the youngest brother, Edmund, but the house is foreboding with strange sounds in the night, cold spots, and apparitions. Elinor learns that someone or something will do anything to make sure his or her secrets are kept.

This is book 1 in the Dartmoor Gothics series. The family’s stories will be told in future releases:

December 2016: Mistress of Ravenmoor House #2

January 2017: Mystery of Ravenmoor House #3


Chapter One: Strange Arrival

Dartmoor—January 30, 1868

I awoke as I was swept up into a stranger’s arms. Chill wind cut through me like a lance, and I gasped. The man was gripping me too tightly, and I started as his hand came dangerously close to my breast. I didn’t know where I was for a moment or who held me in a lecherous grasp—if it was such. I didn’t trust my own judgment in this moment. I couldn’t be sure of much in my disoriented state–and that frightened me afresh.

Unbidden images flashed back into my mind. My parents dead of pneumonia and the plagues of poverty. I had finally arrived in Dartmoor.

The journey had been long and arduous from London, and I had given in to the urge to rest. Grief and unease had overcome me. Everything came rushing back to me from the past fortnight or so. I was alone in a world where nothing was as it had been. My mother had long ago made provision for me if I were unmarried at the time of their deaths and still young. I had fallen on the mercy of distant relatives in Dartmoor—a wild and strange place I had only heard stories of but had never been to at the tender age of 19. Instead of hoping to be married, now I was to serve as governess to the youngest of the Fallon family—one of Lord Ravenmoor’s brothers. All I knew of him was that he was five years old and named Edmund.

I opened my eyes, more afraid to keep them closed. A grim castle of gray stone rose above me, crumbling around its edges, two towers thrusting up unevenly in the night. A single thread of smoke rose from it on this cold night. It lay alone for miles, it seemed, though I could tell little about Ravenmoor House and its grounds in the darkness, with only a single lantern lighting the environs.

“Will ya be wanting anything else, my lord?” A stooped man with strange eyes asked the man who was holding me.

“No. Just bring her things in and put them in the guest chamber. I’ll have Hettie care for her once I get her indoors.”

“Very well, ma Lord. I’ll have Hettie start a fire in her room as well. She looks quite chilled after the journey.” The man’s footsteps receded on the icy ground.

I gazed up at the speaker and the man who carried me toward the front door of a massive, old house—Ravenmoor. The man’s lips were full, and he bit the bottom one with the effort of hefting me, no doubt. His eyes shone bright in the darkness, nearly as black as the night itself. His complexion was a pale color—like death. The most striking aspect of his appearance, though, was his hair—a dark auburn hue that I had never seen on any man.


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