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It’s Complicated

After leaving dinner with an old friend, Kamerai starts to worry when she returns home to find that her fiance’ is not there nor is he answering her phone calls or returning text messages. Her worst nightmare becomes reality when she gets a call from a nurse at the hospital telling her to get there quickly. She had been planning the wedding of her dreams, only to realize that it may not happen. At least not the way that she planned. She loves Darrin, but, there’s only one thing standing in the way of her happiness.

What would you do if your past showed up in your present and threatened your future? Kamerai soon finds out that life isn’t always black and white. Gray areas really do exist, especially when it concerned matters of the heart. You can say all you want about love, but, for Kamerai all love has ever been and will ever be is COMPLICATED!!!


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