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Jenna’s Cowboys

Jenna James is a woman with a lot of secrets . . . secrets that have scarred her deeply–mind, body, and soul. Believing that her secrets are safely packed away on a tiny flash drive she carries in her purse and that her clothing hides her scars, the beautiful young redhead finds herself in the tiny, isolated ranching town of Sparx, Montana: the home town of the mother she never knew. Everyone she meets there seems to welcome her with open arms, but it seems that Sparx has secrets of its own. Why is everyone so eager for her to stay in town? Why is Sparx so clean, so prosperous, and so . . . orderly? Why do the people stare at her wherever she goes? Why does a part of her want so badly to become a part of the odd little community? And, most of all, why do there seem to be so many men and so few women?

Then, there’s the issue of the not-quite-identical Howard twins, Dillon and Cole. They’re tall. They’re tanned. They’re toned. They’re drop dead gorgeous. They’re single. They’re the owners of one of the biggest ranches in the area. And, surprisingly, they ignite feelings of desire and passion in Jenna that she’s never felt before. That’s they ignite. Inexplicably, and having never felt anything like this before, Jenna finds herself wanting–aching–to be with the Howard twins. Both of them. Sexually. At the same time. What’s more, even more surprisingly, there are hints that Dillon and Cole like to share. They like to share everything.

As Jenna gropes toward exploring her strange, new feelings with the Howard twins, she suddenly finds herself the target of a mysterious assassin, apparently bent on killing her. Is this a long-buried secret returned from her hidden past bent on exacting revenge for deeds unspoken or some new dagger in the back concealed by Sparx’s open and welcoming arms? Will Jenna find a way to climb to breathless pinnacles of passion with the Howard twins? What is Jenna hiding from the people of Sparx and vice versa? Who is the hidden assassin and why is Jenna the killer’s target? Will Dillon and Cole Howard become Jenna’s Cowboys?

Jenna’s Cowboys marks a new direction for Laura Jo Phillips–love, romance, passion, and erotic ecstasy set on our own world in the present day. Yet, her fans will recognize Laura Jo’s familiar touch: a sympathetic and yet unique heroine who doesn’t come from a romance novel cookie cutter, well-drawn and engaging supporting characters, a fascinating setting with its own story to tell, and let’s not forget mouth-wateringly sexy and blood-stirringly manly heroes. Plural.

Jenna’s Cowboys is a full-length, 142,000 word novel with the immersive story, real-to-life characters, love, passion, and excitement people expect in a Laura Jo Phillips book–that calls her fans and new readers to lose themselves in a new world: a cozy corner of planet Earth.


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