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Let the Light Shine

by Nick Alexander.

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Let the Light Shine

From Nick Alexander, the #1 bestselling author of The Photographer’s Wife & The Other Son.

Penny and Victoria are about as different as two siblings can be, one with a smart London lifestyle, the other struggling to make ends meet.

But they are joined by more than blood, and their shared tragic past is affecting the present more than they realise.

When events begin to tug at the fabric beneath which dark secrets are hidden, the resulting chaos threatens to tear the two families apart.

Could there be aspects of the past that youngest child Penny doesn’t remember?

Could the truth of Marge be more complex than the beloved mother the girls choose to perceive?

And could the true story of that terrible Christmas be the key to understanding Victoria, Marge, and much much more?

A moving new drama from Nick Alexander, Let The Light Shine is a tale of sisterhood, resilience and hope that will have you hooked to the gripping end.


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