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Life Line (Neptune Royals Series Book 1)

by Isabella Augustenborg.

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Life Line (Neptune Royals Series Book 1)

For the moment that she was born, her life was never the same. Elyishiyia grew up on Earth but her rightful place was on the throne of Neptune. Raised by a family that kept her safe, she knew that she was different after her chemistry class her junior year of high school.

With a single drop of sulfuric acid, her life begins to change. So does her appearance. She begins to discover who she truly is; the Princess of Neptune, with the help of an old friend from her past that swore to protect her from danger.

She can trust only one person to know her secret. As time goes on, she begins to get closer to Sam but that is also a death sentence. Sam accepts her for who she is, even with purple and blue scales, a pair of wings and a long tail.

Keeping this secret from the world is harder than it looks when Izzy’s true family arrives to discover her second life; one that she has always known; a human life. When she was five months old, her parents sent her away from Neptune to save her life and so that she could soon return one day to reclaim the throne that should be hers. As her grandfather closes in on her with his spies, he sees her one true weakness that every human has for one another; her love for Sam.

The more mistakes and pain that Izzy causes, the closer the world will know her true identity; Elyishiyia Blueheart Thywater, a true Neptunian Human with the power to rule the universe for the remainder of eternity.


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