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The Life of Q – A Life Half Lived

by Fox Emerson.

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The Life of Q – A Life Half Lived

When Q decided to take his own life, he couldn’t have imagined the devastation he’d leave behind to his family, and those who had got to know him in his final days.

The heart-breaking decision that a young person makes in an instant can last a lifetime for others.

Jackie is a part-time counselor, who has her own grief to deal with. When Q entered her life, he reopened the wound that she’d struggled to close. In the very short time she’d gotten to know him, she was desperate not to fail this time.

As John and Sally work against the clock to revive Q in the ambulance, they both realize that his survival means more to them than they could know.

Q has the power to heal so many. Will he make it? Can he be revived?

The Life of Q is a powerful story about survival and the justification that can easily be made by those who choose that life doesn’t really matter.

This story follows on from part one, A Boy Called Q.


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