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Loki’s Misfits – Rulers – Serial Part Three

by RJ Martin.

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Description of Loki’s Misfits – Rulers – Serial Part Three:

Loki’s Misfits – Rulers – Serial Part Three

Q: What is Loki’s Misfits: Part 3 about?

A: In the previous part, the group of 5 outlanders had split up into 2. Part 2 followed one group as they headed north and made some important discoveries relevant to their mission. Part 3 followed the other group that remained in the city and the misadventures that they became involved with. The two groups will rejoin in Part 4, the finale.

Q: The finale?

A: Yes, Loki’s Misfits will be completed when Part 4 is released. When I published Part 1, I indicated that the series will run as long as there is reader interest. Unfortunately, such interest has not appeared and thus it would be best to wrap up Loki’s Misfits with the next part.

Q: Why didn’t Loki’s Misfits generate readership?

A: There are a variety of reasons. First, the serial format may not one that readers are interested in and so mainstream readers will simply not give this series a look. Second, the cover generated with KDP Cover Creator’s tool may not be drawing eyeballs. There were 97k ebooks released in Kindle ebook store in the past 30 days, with 5.5k titles in the fantasy & sci-fi genre. The competition for eyeballs is extremely fierce. Third, the mature themes within the series may have offended too many readers. Thus, it’s a confluence of decisions that pushed down reader interest in this work. You live and learn and move on.

Q: Loki’s Misfits had a very interesting take on the relationship between gods and their worshippers.

A: This was by design. In many books, the rules of engagement between both weren’t clear. I tried to set boundaries at the outset and allow humans to flourish under the heavy guidance of their gods.

Q: How long is Part 3?

A: This episode runs over 25,000 words.

Q: When will Part 4 be released?

A: The tentative release date is November 20, 2016.

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: The author is an independent writer who chose the pen name “RJ Martin” to pay homage to the late Robert Jordan, and to George RR Martin. Their fantasy works were the inspiration for Loki’s Misfits.

Q: Are you related to RJ Martin who wrote “The Body?”

A: Not at all. But from his Amazon author bio, he seems like a great guy, though! As indicated, I chose this pen name for a specific reason, and unfortunately I have no control (and vice versa) over the name and how it is used.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: The author welcomes all fan/hate mail, comments, inquiries, etc. and respectfully ask them to be sent via email to Because the author is pressed for time, he will neither read nor answer any questions posted on Amazon’s public forums.


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