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Loved by her Alien (Mated Lichtens Book 1)

by Ally Enne.

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Loved by her Alien (Mated Lichtens Book 1)

Charlotte has spent her life obsessed with everything that could be considered strange and mysterious. She doesn’t exactly fit in with her friends and never had the desire to settle down and start a family. For her, that would make life too mundane. But her ideas about a life-long relationship change when she meets Rai, a sexy, alpha alien who knows within seconds of meeting her that she is his soulmate. Spending the rest of her life with this mysterious alien man would be the opposite of mundane.

But to love each other would be to break all the rules. They can’t stand to be apart but the world can’t stand to see them together. To find the happiness they were destined for they’re going to have to break down many barriers.

This novel is the first sexy standalone novel in the Mated Lichtens series.


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