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Lust Thy Neighbor

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Lust Thy Neighbor

When Violet Kelly’s Prince Charming turns out to be a d-bag in designer clothing, she decides she’s done with relationships. She doesn’t want the drama, and she certainly doesn’t need it. She’s perfectly content to not be involved with anyone if that means her heart won’t be ripped to shreds again.

But then Declan Pierce moves in next door.

Sarcastic and too good-looking for his own damn good, her new neighbor’s only goal is to survive raising the teenage brother he’s now responsible for. He definitely isn’t looking for a new relationship, especially after his last girlfriend ended up being monogamously-impaired. Too bad Declan never anticipated meeting someone like Violet. She’s irresistible—an intoxicating mixture of sexy and sweet—and he’s having a hard time staying on his side of the fence.

When flames ignite between them, will Violet and Declan be able to keep their casual, neighbors-with-benefits status? Or will L-U-S-T turn into that other four-letter L word they’re both desperate to avoid?

*LUST THY NEIGHBOR is full-length and standalone and includes a bonus three chapter excerpt from Emily Snow’s SECOND VERSE.


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