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Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror Charity Anthology

by Charles E Butler.

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Description of Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror Charity Anthology:

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror Charity Anthology

If you love the taste of fear, then this collection of short stories will be sure to chill your blood! An eclectic mix of spooky, horrific and gruesome tales from a motley group of writers, all of them condemned to suffer under the baleful gaze of your host, the devilish Madame Movara.

But wait! Whilst the authors themselves have been collected together in a hellish torment, Madame Movara promises that you WILL take delight from the words inside…

For as much as she is wicked, she is also kind. Every penny from the sale of this horror anthology will be donated to the International Children’s Charity, proving that some good will come from these truly dark tales.

Of course, Movara has also charmed her favourite horror icon into providing an introduction for the book! The legendary Hammer Horror actress Caroline Munro has kindly helped the Madame with her charity work…and Movara promises to spare her for her help, unlike the authors whose work lies within!

So sit back, and relish the scares that await you. Madame Movara assures you that you’ll be safe…your fate depends upon your will to donate!


Andrew Scorah

Richard Gurl

Erik Hofstatter

Simon Burnell

Ailsa Abraham

Jane Risdon

David Monk

Charlotte L R Kane

Eric Mcfarlane

Loraine Von Tonder

JC Michael

Nell Peters

Alice J Black

Emily H King

Regina Reil

Beverley Lawman

David Owen Hughes

Calvin Demner

Charles E Butler

K.A Hambly

Kevin Wimer

Kevin Kennedy

Michelle Ledford

James Kinsbury

Alice La Roux

Ross Jones

Sue Barnard

Peter Oliver Wonder

Jack Rollins


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