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Mastering C++ Game Development

by Mickey MacDonald.

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Description of Mastering C++ Game Development:

Mastering C++ Game Development

Key Features

  • Make best use of object oriented capabilities of C++ to develop high-end games
  • Create reusable C++ libraries and editor tools for your game
  • Series of example projects demonstrating advanced techniques to build games of any genre

Book Description

Many languages are available for game development, but C++ remains a fixture in the games industry. The main reasons for this are its performance, cross-platform compatibility and widespread availability across toolchains.

The primary goal of the book is to teach you to create high quality video games using C++ game programming.

To begin with, you will be presented with insight into the games industry landscape, popular development methodologies, and a guide to building strong coding standards . You will also learn to make best use the target platform’s specific C++ toolchain, track down bugs during and after development, and measure performance to inform optimization approaches.

You will be designing and building a set of reusable C++ libraries and also creating your own level editor as per your game requirements. In the next half of the book, you will be working with game demos which will be packed with advanced rendering techniques, interactive physics, modern animation techniques, tips for creating narrative-driven games and Advanced AI techniques. You will also learn how to deal with highly interactive, fast-paced multiplayer games within the constraints of today’s internet. As a last chapter in the book, you will find out how the power of C++ can be leveraged to create an immersive VR experience.

By the end of the book, you will be able to create a high-end video game.

What you will learn

  • Work and communicate effectively in the modern games industry.
  • Develop simple and advanced gameplay systems
  • Use modern real-time rendering techniques to achieve immersive 3D visuals
  • Achieve narrative-driven game experience using a variety of data management techniques
  • Program and implement a variety of AI algorithms for motion, behavior and decision making.
  • Leverage your game with multiplayer support
  • Create an immersive Virtual Reality experience

About the Author

Mickey Macdonald is a professional game developer and Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada. Mickey has had experience building and shipping games for various platforms including the latest generation consoles. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and is considered an expert in low-level technologies like DirectX. Mickey has created, written and produced courses and tutorials on many game development topics, including numerous video courses on C++ development. He is often featured on Microsoft’s Channel 9 website and other blog sites sharing his knowledge with other developers. With his position at Microsoft, he has access to new and prototype technologies, like game development libraries and third party devices, which he is tasked with learning, developing and then sharing this knowledge with other developers. This access also includes mixed reality and virtual reality devices. He created his first augmented reality experience in 2010 and shipped his first AR game in 2012, Saucer Hunt. You can find the latest title he helped develop, Rollers of the Realm, available on Steam and the PlayStation Network.”


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